Yamanakako Resort Mansion

Yamanakako Resort Mansion (山中湖リゾートマンション) was never finished. It’s now a huge block of concrete soaking in a thick layer of silence, standing in a place of no interest, except for its view on Mount Fuji.

All the rooms (more than 100?!) look exactly the same, making the place appear like a maze. It could be a paradise for street artists though: I’d love to see the whole structure covered with beautiful graffiti! And that’s probably the most idealistic future we can hope for this place.

  • Niko

    C’est une image très belle.
    Passage de la première pièce est une bonne forme. L’angle est bon.

    • Thank you Niko! You know this haikyo?
      You can write in English or Japanese… it’s alright 🙂

  • Nikozouji

    I know this Haikyo.
    But I have never beem to there.

  • Vegiboy

    even though a Graffiti Hall-of-Fame would have been a great usage, the Japanese fellers of CTC (Combat Training Centre) made a great effort to turn this special place into a great (commercial) Soft Air Battle Field, by installing bunkers, dark rooms, barriers, unordinary accessories, etc..

    Out of the business ours (“wandervogel 山中個”) it might be still possible to visit this place, or just enjoy Soft Air Battles in a very authentic atmosphere with your dudes after arranging it.

    p.s. only one graffiti has been made there yet.


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