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Haikyo: Abandoned Japan

Haikyo Books

There are a few books about haikyo in Japan I would like to present here.

Abandoned Japan

You are not looking for inspiring images of the best-abandoned places in Japan? You would also like to hear the story and history behind those places? This book is for you! It is currently the only book with that amount of information about haikyo. I didn’t make a dime yet with this book (my publisher didn’t do any marketing, and I am not good at it neither), but trust me, if you love haikyo, you will love this book.

You can buy it on Amazon US (and the other Amazon’s too).

Nippon no Haikyo

This is my first book about haikyo and it is… in French! Not all my latest stories are in there, not my best photos neither, but this book was written when I was the most excited about haikyo, so you will feel this ambiance all throughout the book. Also, the publisher is an artist himself and wanted to make this book like a piece of art. And indeed, this book was a success, and it’s getting hard to get. Its name “Nippon No Haikyo” is also a tribute to the book that got me started.

Huffington Post: “A new book that seeks to uncover sites long forgotten in Japan will give you chills. In Nippon no Haikyo, French photographer Jordy Meow captures abandoned sites throughout the Asian country, traveling across the nation to reveal ghost towns and desolate wastelands where few have set foot.”

You can order it from Amazon France.
If you live in France, buy it directly from Issekinicho, the editor.

The Japanese ‘ニッポンの廃墟’

Nippon No Haikyo

Nippon No Haikyo is a book published in 2007 revealing the locations of 200 ruins in Japan. It is the most popular haikyo book and also the only one that released many maps. Today, most of the haikyo from this book are demolished.