Haikyo Crap/Info Map

Haikyo Crap (now Haikyo Info) is a website that reveals a lot of abandoned places in Japan on a dynamic map. It’s not a very well-made system, and the reasons why it has been are obscure, but it has been alive for a few years. It looks like this:

Haikyo Crap Info

Haikyo Crap Info

The best haikyo are generally not revealed by this map but it can be fun to use for people interested in haikyo and visited Japan. I use to dislike this website very much but realized that it kind of protects (or doesn’t know about) the best places and reveals a lot of others.

I made a little tool here: Haikyo Explorer. It analyzes the Haikyo Crap website and generates a clean database out of it.

Gravatar Written by Jordy Meow

Published on October 23, 2017


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