Ashio Mine

Ashio Mine (足尾銅山) is the most famous abandoned mine in Japan. The area is huge and contains many little towns, in which you can spend easily a few weeks if you want to visit everything. Some buildings and houses are abandoned, some others not yet, but the industry doubtlessly is.


  • 1600-1973
  • Nippon No Haikyo #46

  • ????

    Checked this out today.  Was gutted to see the main structure has been torn down : (  Still worth the trip though

    • It seems they’re actively destroying the place. Do you have a link with your pictures? That would be super to see them 🙂

  • ????

    Spoke to some guy walking his dog nearby, apparently they tore it down sometime last year.  Theres a jimusho right next to the seirenjo now.  Will try and upload some photo’s soon and send a link.

    • That would be cool to see, yeah. When I went there, I met a few workers as well somewhere around it.

  • Norbi Whitney

    I was driving through, and decided to take 30 minutes to have a look around. Didn’t enter anywhere, but got an idea of the state.

    • Amazing, it is actually still good and interesting to visit this place! Maybe I should go back there one day, last time I went there was in… 2010!


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