Bowling Alley of Doom

You will found the Bowling Alley of Doom hidden in the heart of green mountains. I wonder how the players could find the motivation to drive all this way just to get there since there must have been many other bowling alleys closer to the cities.

The fading concrete edifice is a shame to its surroundings. However, though not surprising, the bowling alley is perfectly normal and looks like any other, with the only difference being that this one is abandoned. It is a rarity, therefore we treated this place with more respect that it actually deserves.

There was a bad surprise nonetheless : the machine room is full of asbestos all over the place. This is after all maybe the reason why this place has closed.


– a bowling alley!
– asbestos everywhere, yay!

  • Yaafm

    So, asbestos. How are you not dead all over lol? Stuff like this crops up now and again you carry a mask with you or anything just i case? Just found this site, nice pictures. But some (didnt click them all) didnt have discriptions of why they close. Just interesting to me how a country with so many people can afford to abandon so many habitiable spaces.

    • Nah, those things don’t kill you just like that. It’s latent 😉 Anyway, I do always have masks in my bag. I’m glad you enjoy the website 🙂

  • Rickk Berry III

    I worked in a bowling alley in the United States back in 2012 and 2013 that had the same era of technology as this place. In fact, the shot behind all the pin machines looked eerily familiar. Just discovered the site. It’s great. Keep it up.

    • Did you have asbestos everywhere as well?

      • Rickk Berry III

        No asbestos (that I know of), but there was black mold. Neither is ideal. And, on top of that, the place is still in business.

      • Not that I know of, but it was old enough and the equipment was old enough that it was certainly possible. I do know there was black mold in there. Luckily not where I was working.


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