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Clinic of Dionysos

The Clinic of Dionysos (O医院) is a strange abandoned clinic. The first building wasn’t a surprise itself, it was the “normal” part of the complex. The rooms were desperately empty but there were still a X-Ray room and a surgical light in another room. The only thing that was a bit off was the presence of pachinko machines. Maybe they generated an extra income? 😉

The second building, however, was uncannily eerie. There were many beds for the patients and what seemed to have been observation rooms… but that was all surrounded by Greek statues! I am not sure I would have enjoyed being a patient here. Walking around during the night might have been really scary.

In the backyard, I found a Statue of the Liberty, getting eaten by the trees.


– surgical light
– pachinko machines
– Greek statues
– Statue of the Liberty