Karaway Studio

Karaway studio is an abandoned studio+hotel that was abandoned with all its instruments inside. The place is quite spacious for a studio, but it was in such a bad status that every step inside should be taken cautiously. On the day we discovered it, it was practically ‘raining’ inside the house, another earthquake will sure end its life.

Tokyo Times did a nice visit of this place as well, you can check it on his article “An abandoned Japanese recording studio complex“.


  • 1982 – 1996

  • Felix

    Why was it abandoned with alle the instruments inside? Any information on that?

    • I’m really hoping it was ghosts. Or Sharks! Or, or, shark ghosts!

    • Only pianos were left… There are 5 or 6 of them.

  • Not that we know…they seem to have opened a new one somewhere close, according to Tokyotimes.org.

    The building is half collapsed when we enter, guess no moving companies would help them with the pianos 😛

  • Yssao

    where is this place, is the point of Google map?


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