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Kejonuma Leisure Land

The Kejonuma Leisure Land (化女沼レジャーランド) is an old amusement park built in 1979 and is just another victim of the financial bubble. Driving through Tohoku on the road leading to the park, I got a bit concerned. The concrete was all cracked and seemed beyond repair and made me wonder if the park was not completely in rumbles. Luckily, a few months later after the Tohoku Earthquake, the little ferris-wheel was still up and fine.

Located in the Pond of the Ghost Woman (literal translation for Kejonuma), the amusement park looks like it used to be pretty lovely. There were still a few attractions visible: a merry-go-round, kart racing, coffee cups and some adventure land kind of attraction but is seems it had its own little golf course as well and even more attractions.

The Ferris wheel stands out the most; old, rusty, but still proudly standing up there. I strolled around it for one hour and a little more to admire it from every angles. This vibrant bhavacakra make it instantly one of my favorite haikyo. I had this image in my mind for such a long time and here it was, finally it front of me.

The park was closed in 2000 but was never officially abandoned by the owner.


  • 1979 – 2000
  • Nippon No Haikyo #29