Ogurasawa School

The Ogurasawa School (小倉沢小学校) wasn’t easy to find at all, but definitely worth the effort. This school was used by the residents of the famous haikyo: Nichitsu Ghost Town. The woody building is spacious and charming. And a considerable amount of objects can still be found inside; pianos, sewing machines, desks and books for instance. The blackboards told us that many alumnus still come back from time to time, awakening memories from their past.

  • 1936 – 1984

  • Brice

    un fantôôôme !!!!

    • Pour une fois qu’ils partent pas en courant à la vue d’un étranger ! 😀

  • Nice Place ! I want to go to Nichitsu someday.

    • One of my favorite place… definitely! But that’s not our next destination Ikumi-chan! :p

  • Aimee

    thats some amazing photography 🙂 I love the scary kinda atmosphere, cool shots

    • Thanks! I’ll take more shots of this kind, a bit less flat that the ones in the previous articles I think 🙂

  • Anonymous

    What an unusual school building. Amazing that it has survived 27 years without too much damage. I don’t remember such cool looking record players in my schools! I don’t see any heating system; maybe this area was a more temperate region. The thought of a building with that much wood (even the ceilings!) loaded up with kids scares me though, unless it has some kind of fireproofing treatment. 

    • It can be actually very cold, so I guess they had some kind of heating, but of course not a central one. All schools in Japan were like this before, made of wood, and this one is quite massive, so yeah I really wonder what happens if a fire starts…

  • épavart

    Les écoles, c’est mon thème favori dans ta série, l’atmosphère y est particulière, et le bois donne plus de charme aux photos.

    L’écolière, ça c’est originale !

    La vraie, hein, pas celle en plastique !


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