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Saitama Yano Power Plant

Yano Power Plant was completed in 1914 and was the first water power plant in Saitama. However, the construction of Shimokubo Dam on Kanna river in 1966 put an end to Yano power plant’s short life. This abandoned power plant was supposed to be listed as a civil engineer heritage, and was supposed to be maintained regularly by Tepco; obviously Tepco is not doing their job well as usual… 😛

This haikyo is a one of those who is suited so well with the nature around. The Kanna river flowing at its feet is clear and refreshing, the building itself is completely hidden in the green, on the steep slope going down to the river. The ventilation inside is perfect (no worries of asbestos here), the fan is still turning on its own with the nice wind blowing through. A secrete wonderland where you can take all your time to make some nice photos.


  • 1914 – 1966