Shimoashigawa Primary School

Shimoashigawa School, is in a quiet little village, next to a half abandoned shrine, and was very much to the perfection in our haikyo taste.

The school is very small, just enough to hold all the kids in this tiny village. I can imagine  those little ones sitting in the classroom showered with sunlight, half-listening to the teacher while anxiously waiting for break time.


  • 1907 – 1990

  • Anyone have any directions to this place? I want to visit!!

    • I don’t share locations, but it’s somewhere in Yamanashi 🙂 If you spend some time looking for it online you might find it (you can ask friends to help you too). It’s very doable.

      • hyacinthess

        I understand, I was very new to this when I wrote that. You must get those questions all the time (actually, I see that you do), and thank you for replying kindly to me. I’ve researched more about Haikyo’s now and I am absolutely in love with all the locations, the concept and the people involved. It’s just hard to get started, and find any scraps of information in a secret hidden place some obscure place in the internet. Haha, but, I’ll do my best and try to get to a nice Haikyo soon!

        • Try and you will not regret it. The harder you try, the better you’ll get 🙂 And since you are a girl, people will be less scared of you, so try to make friends with Japanese people haikyoists, you have a real chance!

  • worldtraveller

    there is a map in this. maybe he added it afterwards…

  • worldtraveller

    unfortunately, after visitinIg that area TODAY, the school is fully gone!!!! I was so disappointed.
    I went then to the ghost town and kinda freaked out over there in the woods. So I did not see all of the buildings, but took some pictures. There was a bigger sound coming from the woods and though an animal coming out. But I was lucky 🙂


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