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Soryojinjo Elementary School

Nestled among the trees, this abandoned school is a beautiful and melancholic sight. Built in 1874, it served as a functioning school for over 70 years, until it was finally abandoned. Despite being abandoned, the pillars that support the building are still standing strong and vertical, a testament to its age and durability. The school, known as the “Former Soro Elementary School”, was located in the center of the village, but only served the lower grades.

The interior of the school is equally enchanting, with peeling paint and broken windows. The corridors are lined with hooks that were once used to hang towels or shoes, and there are still blackboards in some of the classrooms. However, the back of the school is not in such good condition, with water seeping through the walls and creating a swamp-like environment. It’s a wonder how this school managed to stand the test of time for so long, and it’s a shame that it has been left to decay. Despite its dilapidated state, it is still a magical and captivating place to visit.