Temple of Lies

The Temple of Lies (詐欺寺) was a sect running a fake religion and a huge scam.

In this temple, there is a room full of spirit tablets (called ihai in japanese) and each of them represents the soul of a deceased person. There are thousands of them here. The grieving families were paying a lot of money to that temple to keep them, and a monk was supposed to hold daily ceremonies.


–  Room full of spirit tablets


  • ? – 2001

  • docwatson

    That is *SO* wrong! Can they be taken somewhere to be cared for properly??

    • David

      I can’t believe someone hasn’t tried to do that already!

  • David

    Woa! What? That’s really sad seeing all those spirit tablets thrown around and just sitting there, are they causing that floor to be buckled that way?

    • Silvia Groniewicz

      I think that’s probably an effect from the lens being used. If you look closely that it buckles out or in depending on where the camera is positioned.

  • Kelvin Thomas

    The love of money is truly the root of all evil. No matter what country you live in

  • Miss LeTour

    I’m curious where in Japan is this located?

  • Sabrina Surovec

    Is this still here?

  • SpinFrostX12 .

    There’s another building beside of it, what building is that?

    • There are actually many buildings. Many empty buildings, and one of them is full of paper-works and stuff. Not especially interesting.

  • Joseph H

    That is a shame I wonder what happened to the people who did the scamming if anything.

  • Sarah

    Whoa….all religious scams are horrible, because a big chunk of people just want to be peaceful, but this is especially awful. I never would have expected anyone to run a Buddhist scam.


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