Block Art

The so called “Block Art” (ブロックアート) is an old barbecue place, stuck against a dangerous cliff. Abandoned for understandable security reasons, this place is now used by street artists and covered with interesting graffiti.

The most noteworthy one is, in my opinion, the last one: the Forest Spirit from the famous Ghibli movie Mononoke-hime.

  • Nikozouji

    It’s dark! And colorful!

  • Random

    Tone mapping works really well for that one

    • Sorry for the very late reply! You you are right, tone mapping is great for this one… but not much for the rest ^^

  • Is this place still there?

  • John Lander

    It’s still there but the cops caught us and gave us a hard time, best to go very early morning or when there aren’t other tourists poking around. We guess someone reported us from the road going down there.


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