Clinic of the Brave

The Clinic Of The Brave (K医院) was supposed to be an extraordinary surprise. Never anybody stepped inside this abandoned hospital before. Plus the japanese wooden ones are known to be holding the most interesting secrets and objets, such as old medication and human organs. The first visit was a total failure, as it ended-up with a not so happy discussion with the neighbor. We then returned to that place before sunrise, in the total darkness, and we infiltrated the old house quietly. It turned out that the clinic wasn’t as old as we have expected, only a bit more than 10 years. There was a funny rope hanging inside the house,  maybe the doctor killed himself using it.  Someone obviously started to pack most of his belongings, but left it halfway . A place filled-up with sadness it is.


  • ? – 1999

  • Pti’ Fab

    clearly this clinis has someting diificult to describ…sugoî

  • Jastiz D Jingga

    im taking interested of this haikyo, seems to be a strange, and why the neighbor and you have a unhappy discuss?


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