Dialand Hotel

Dialand Hotel – also called Symphony Hotel – locates at the edge of a quiet village of many nicely built houses. Just like the residential area around, Dialand Hotel was not so disturbed at all by intruders, but left to natural decay by the cruelty of time.  When we arrived the iron safety stairs has completely rotten and is missing many steps.

The lobby was impressive, with mysterious metal rings attached to the ceiling (wonder what they originally are), and there are rooms looking towards the swimming pool with pornography left inside,  supposed to be the rooms for “short breaks” only.

  • Fasby

    I like specially the last pic, i feel something perturbing watching it.
    Nice job.

    • Thanks for liking them. I felt like it was a very normal haikyo, and I took very normal photos… even though I tried to do a bit better. I’m glad you appreciated my work there!

  • JRieche

    very nice. the hotel was also a film location in the japanese movie: “shark skin man and peach hip girl”. Even in that movie the buiilding is more or less subject to decay, but you get an idea of how it once was…

  • Anthony

    The pictures are very beautifuls!!! Nice job 🙂


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