Dragon Fort: The Monster Hospital

The Dragon Fort (龍の砦) is an inspiring metabolism building, designed by Watanabe Youji (渡邊洋治). The architect took an interest in designing with dragons and tigers as models. His most famous work is the Battleship Building (New Sky Building) in Shinjuku.


  • 1968 – 1999
  • Location: Izu Peninsula

  • Pontus & astrid

    Loving Watanabes work!
    Nice pictures.

    We’re in Ito now. Trying to find the place but no one seems to know where it is.

    Would someone be kind and send us cordinates or adress?

    Pontus & Astrid

  • michaeljohngrist

    Great find Jordy! I love this guy, and can’t help wonder how you even found out about this work- doesn’t seem to be any mention of it on other haikyo blogs. Anyway, nice job!

    • I looked this place for a long time and didn’t knew that it was actually kept secret! Was happy to be able to visit the place, even though the weather was really terrible… Thank you ^^

  • épavart

    Vraiment postapocalyptique cette architecture !!

    On comprend pourquoi ça a été abandonné, mais pas vraiment pourquoi ça a été construit…

    Une Chips original en tout cas !

  • Fred. et Val.

    Un hôpital? Vraiment? On est plus proche du bunker allemand qu’autre chose. Architecture complément délirante!

  • Vegiboy

    Hi there,
    thanks for you immense activities and great photo shooting.
    It is also nice that your not indicating all locations, in order to preserve some spots from being over runned by people or just get to famous!

    Some friends have been to Izu recently and visit the Dragon Fort.
    It was dark when they went there so they didn’t realise that someone is actually living again in the house.
    some garden tools indicated some activities around the house, but the chain in the entrance made them thought it is still empty…after finding a way to enter they where surprised to find some food and stuff in the kitchen….and a bed room with a bed and book next to it without dust.
    Fresh Oranges, etc. brought the proof that someone (most likely 1 person) is living there now.

    Anyway, the spot seemed to be amazing though.x

    • Hello 🙂 Thank you, that’s an interesting story! I knew the building was for sale (not really abandoned) and sometimes even visited. I tried to go inside at this time but it was not possible. I would be curious to see how it looks inside, especially with the color of fresh food and oranges 🙂


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