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Japanese Sex Museum: House of Hidden Treasures

When you have seen all the famous onsen (hot bath) in Japan, you always want to see more. I am addicted to them and always willing to venture very far away just to visit old ones off the beaten path. They are also often a promised land for haikyo and adult related leisure.

The House of Hidden Treasures is a sex museum and is located near an onsen village of Yamaguchi Prefecture in the south of Japan. I had many sexpectations for this museum since Japanese adult world got so much fame for all its sexual eccentricities and strange fantasies.

It looked like a Japanese house or restaurant from outside, but it seemed like the place did not belong there. The inside gives a different view however and it looked more like caves connected to each other by tunnels. Blanketed in darkness, the museum was really gloomy. However, the content of it was sweeter that everything I imagined. There are funny and happy phallic rocks looking at you everywhere, huge dickheads guarding the tunnels, a sex shrine for everlasting love-making happiness. Even kids might have enjoyed this, laughing and jumping all around! But the last room made this image impossible. You were also able to play with human dolls and dildos disposed in glass coffins. I am not sure what the buttons were activating but one can imagine.

The museum closed in 1997.


  • 1978 – 1997