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Kamioka Mine

Started in 710, the Kamioka Mine enjoyed an exponential growth and became one of the most productive mine in the world during World War II. It produced zinc, lead, silver and ore. In early 20th century, Kamioka Mine was infamous for a disease called “Itai-Itai” (it hurts it hurts). Caused by large quantity of cadmium released in the rivers, it reached the population, inflicting huge pain, kidney disease, and soft bones. It is one of the 4 greatest diseases from pollution in Japan.

Abandoned in 2001, the underground tunnels and facilities are now reused by the Super-Kamiokande, a neutrino observatory. Its aim is to check whether there is any proton decay, and no observational evidence has been found so far.

Special thanks to “TEAM廃墟“.


– Interesting rusty machines
– Walking through a huge wreck


  • 710 – 2001