La Rainbow Hotel

Rainbow hotel was built during the 1990s when the Great Seto Bridge (瀬戸大橋) was completed. The original expected traffic of this bridge was 48,000 cars daily, but the actual traffic was only 6,000. Not hard to imagine why this hotel, although with a perfect view to the bridge is abandoned. The 150m viewing tower and graffiti inside were the biggest attractions here.


  • 1990 – 1997
  • Nippon No Haikyo #152

  • Nice pics, but if it’s in Wakayama, I fail to see the relationship with the Great Seto Bridge. The bridge is a couple hundred kilometers away from Wakayama.

    • This is actually Okayama… I am so sorry ><

      • OK. Now I understand.
        Still I’m not sure what made the promoters think that people would stop there, just because of the bridge (bridges are made to allow people to go places… places far from the bridge..)

  • Sined O’Cark


  • CTPP

    What an amazing monument to the fickleness of the tourist industry. Astounding architecture with an incredibly ambitious engineering attachment in the form of a sight seeing tower. I can see the execs getting drunk together and ccoking up these plans with way too much sake.

    • This is really emblematic of what happened in the 90s. We are now very far from that crazy and ambitious Japan, full of dreams, working on a way to achieve them. They are still using too much sake but this time is to clean their despair and boredom… but sorry, I’m being exaggeratedly negative here 😉

  • The hotel has been demolished in late 2012 / early 2013.

    • Oh that’s a bad news! Do you have a photo of the place without the hotel? Would be interesting to see… thanks a lot for this info!

  • Kathryn Sanday

    I was there today and it has not been demolished. The car park is being used by Washuzan Highland Amusement Park and we parked right infront of the hotel.

  • Joseph Harkleroad

    I would love to see places like that. Awesome pictures 😀

  • Il devais être jolie quand il était encore en fonctionnement


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