Nazi Museum

The Nazi Museum is really a weird location and almost impossible to enter (and I didn’t). Couldn’t find any information about it neither. Does anyone can read these signs, or give some insight on what this place could be?

  • ulrich

    when you say  Kanagawa what preficture? im stationed here and wont to go to this place and some others.

    • I’m sorry, I made a mistake, it’s in Yamanashi Prefecture. But Kanagawa is a prefecture as well in Japan. 

  •  I have no idea what the place could be based on the two photos, but the signs on the second picture say “Eisen Schloß” (Iron Castle) and “Taruo museum” (guess the meaning…).

    • This place doesn’t make much sense 🙂 If you go to Yamanakako area one of these days, you should have a look at it. It’s not especially interesting, but curious…

      • Lilui321

        My partner and I stayed at the Hotel just up the mountain from this and noticed the strange building driving back down. It was very eerie. I have also searched everywhere to try find info on this and nothing. No mention but yours that I could find. I am intrigued by it. You can see the peak of the building sticking out from the side of the mountain as you drive around the lake. I would love to find out more about it. It had old stain glass windows inside and looked untouched for a long time. It’s strange the Japanese didn’t pull it down after the war.

        • That’s really cool you found it too ! I couldn’t find any information about this location neither. I will maybe try to jump over the big fence one day to learn a bit more about it… that’s probably the only way…

  • procopio

    the sign on the first pic says death awaits


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