New Sky Building

The New Sky Building (ニュースカイビル) is a massive and impressive warship-like building in Shinjuku. Definitely worth a visit if you are around! It’s actually not a haikyo anymore now, as it has been completely renovated. You can even rent a room in a shared-apartment there now! The pictures have been taken before the renovation.

It was renovated in 2011 and renamed Higashi Shinjuku Building. You can read more it here: The New Sky Building.


  • 1970 – (renovated in 2011, and renamed )
  • Renovated in 2011

  • I’m kinda surprised that with land values as high as they are downtown that this place is still standing with very little or no use.

    • They actually renovated the building recently, and it’s possible to rent the apartments (each cost around 100,000Y / month, not really expensive for that area but the apartments are really small, with tiny windows, and it seems there isn’t a bathroom inside).

  • Have you considered going back now that it’s been renovated? Some current photos to compare would be a great follow-up.

    • I completely agree with you Sarah, and I thought about it for a long time. I am actually trying to do something more than that since I’m trying to explore all those buildings (which is actually done since recently). It will never appear on this website (this is haikyo only), but on my website Totoro Times I will definitely introduce all those buildings and show the brand-new New Sky Building 🙂

  • RustNConcrete

    Thank you so much for these photos, finally have the chance to get the full impression on this building. Have been after it for a long time.


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