Nichitsu Mine

Nichitsu Mine (日窒鉱山) was a bit challenging for us. I have been so many times to the abandoned town of Nichitsu, always passing by the mine but never dared going in. I eventually did, during a nice sunset in autumn. We had to cross a dangerous bridge to access the mining area, from where we could be perhaps be seen by the guards, still around. Only a very small portion of the mining complex is actually abandoned and the Nichitsu troops are everywhere.

The mine already existed before World War I but its real exploitation only started when Nichitsu bought it in 1937. The work day used to start at 8am. Blasting would happen around 3pm and once done, the day was over for those workers. Night shift was starting at 4pm and ended around midnight. Those miners carried out the minerals. Today you can still see an intense activity, around the clock, even on week-ends and holidays.

This part of the mine was active between 1937 and 1970.

  • Celty Kishitani

    I visited Japan this week and I stayed in Nagoya and Osaka. I saw a couple of abandoned buildings from Matsusaka to Osaka. Cafés, pachinko parlors, but one got me interested the most, a bath house. Unfortunately I had no pictures of it so I tried google for luck so I stumbled in your page. It seems you haven’t visited it too (maybe you are far from here)

    My uncle who has been living here in Japan for 25 years said he used to go to that bath house. It closed recently because yakuza men had a shoot out and had people killed. Eventually, it was closed down.

    The only information I had is it had a huge dragon on the roof, like Chinese temples. And probably around Nara. I saw it while we were in the expressway (I dunno how the call it in Japan).

  • Vbrent Lagas

    where is it at tho? do you have the address of the place??


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