Ogushi Mine

Ogushi Mine is an abandoned sulfur mine in the mountains of Gunma Prefecture.

“Look! What a funny-looking deer! OH WAIT! That’s a bear! A big roundy fluffy bear!”. Mimi-chan, my haikyo friend is surprised and delighted. It’s her first bear. Second one for me, after a surprising encounter in a swamp in Fukushima. This is not a joke, Japan is full of bears! Since that, I never go out in the wild without my little anti-bear-bell. We decided to be really careful when exploring the Ogushi Mine by night. I parked the car, played my favorite playlist out loud and we took photos around, dancing under the milky way.

  • Aldy Indra

    Wonderful Shot!

    Jordy san , i very excited with your skill!
    i live in Japan and i like Urban Exploration too.

    may someday i join with you ?
    or maybe you have a Photography Club on Japan ?
    i appreciate it Jordy San !

    and i have a lot of question to learn from you.

    Thank you.


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