Saitama Countryside Clinic

The Saitama Countryside Clinic (M医院) looks like a boring house from the outside. But the inside is much better: the whole place is plunged into a dark and gloomy medical atmosphere as the old structure is squeaking, cracking to hell.

The first floor contains the waiting room and many observation rooms. Upstairs can be found a few bedrooms for the patients, alongside with a library.

Unfortunately, the floor is completely destroyed in the middle of the building and it’s impossible to discover the “other side” of the second floor.

The clinic was dismantled in June 2013.


  • ? – 1967

  • K Bergman

    google maps location..?

    • Mmm, who are you and what do you want to do there? 😉

      • Spencer J McGill

        i just wanna visit to see the place…. take some pictures, etc…. not really about the pics, more about exploration though

  • Sabrina

    Hi, I’m a professional photographer living in Japan (been here for about 10 years now), and I recently became interested in haikyo.  I live in Saitama, but I don’t have a car, which stops me from going to the truly amazing places like Matsuo or Nichitsu, but I was wondering if this place is accessible without a car? I don’t mind long walks!

    I’m going to try to go to the cliffside hotel and hyaku ana locations in Higashimatsuyama tomorrow or the next day (weather permitting), but I’d love to check out this clinic! As an ex-med student, I think it would be fascinating! Thanks for any help you can give. ^_^

    • Hello Sabrina 🙂 It’s really awesome that you are a pro photographer living in Japan, I’m curious about who you are and what you work looks like now! I will go to Matsu in a few weeks, and Nichitsu I might to there again sometimes, as it’s truly an amazing place (and there is a school very close to it which I would like to discover more). About this one, it’s very far from the train station, it’s lost between hills in a very small village… but easy to go there by car, of course. I’m fond of haikyo hospitals, so I’m looking for such interesting spots, abandoned or not (!) 😉 By the way, I never went to the Cliffside hotel or the Hyaku Ana, but I will definitely will (it’s a bit touristy though, I felt). Please contact me and let’s talk about all this 🙂


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