Blue Clinic

The Sky-Blue Clinic (空色医院) used to be a huge clinic. Most of it is now crumbling down, under the attack of the bamboos army. Luckily, the doctor room and the operating room are both fine. As often in abandoned hospitals, in fact.

I went on a hot summer day, and to for the sweat I had a face-towel with me, around my neck. A beautiful face-towel I actually got from Nagasaki, with a drawing of Gunkanjima on it. When I left, I went to a sento a few kilometers away and realized I lost that towel! It was past 9 pm, and at that time it is pitch-dark in Japan… but I had to get it back! I am not used to visiting abandoned clinics by night, all by myself, but it was less scary than I thought (hoped to be?) and I relaxingly took a few more photos and got back my previous towel.


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