The Gold Mine

This is probably the only abandoned gold mine in Japan but also a very simple haikyo : rails covered with mud, an abandoned mine cart and a tunnel that collapsed. It is nonetheless a very unique spot which I am glad I stepped into.

If you want to visit closed gold mines as a tourist, there are two famous ones : the Sado Gold Mine and the Toi Gold Mine.


– Muddy
– Dangerous


  • 14xx – 1987

  • Nice lighting!
    How deep does it go?

    • Actually not deep at all, the tunnel is collapsed 30-40 meters after the entrance 🙁

      • Too bad! Your great pictures were making it look longer… 😉

        • Haha, thank you ^^ Yeah, I could not take any more photos unfortunately, for that reason. At the same time I’m glad since I really don’t feel good in tunnels. I would have go all the way but it wouldn’t have been exactly a delight.

          • Haha, I quite understand your feeling! Thank you then for your efforts to bring us those testimonies! 😀

  • Dan Robertsson

    Nice. What flash did you use?

  • Peter

    Fantastic location. I’m looking to travel to Japan over the New Year and would love to take some photo’s of this location, but am only in Japan for a couple of days on my way to Europe. Could you let me know where this mine is as there doesn’t seem to be any map like other mines?


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