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Tuberculosis Sanatorium for Children

It sadly wasn’t a beautiful day when we got in front of this place and it was also rather a bad sight. It was very hard to imagine that a few decennies ago, children were playing around this huge tasteless block of concrete. This tuberculosis sanatorium for children has been closed in 1992 and has been vandalized many times since then.

The Tuberculosis Sanatorium for Children (貝塚の結核療養所) was built in 1943 and the government tried to manage the spreading and the treatments of the highly contagious disease. It seems that it has been pretty successful until it closed in 1992 because of the lack of patients.

There were still many machines and material in the hospital. The X-ray and MRI’s made the place really famous in the haikyo community since some of the shots depict organs and sometimes even babies. But one can wonder how they would close such an hospital leaving all this personal information behind.

I’d like to believe most children survived tuberculosis thanks to his hospital. However, one of my Japanese friends told me she could feel and see many children ghosts in this place. For her, it was the most haunted abandoned hospital she had ever visited in Japan.


– x-ray photographs
– swimming-pool
– cold ambiance


  • 1943 – 1992