White School

The White School (白い廃校) looks at first like a very typical school in Japan; it is actually not even a nice-looking wooden one from outside. However, the inside of the buildings are much more interesting, most rooms being painted all in white! This is the only and actually striking particularity of this abandoned school.

I went there at the end of autumn so there weren’t much green and ivy left but it looks like the school is covered with grass in spring and summer. A little paradise for all the insects…

  • Kelvin Thomas

    Hey Jordy. You must spend a lot of time searching for abandon places in Japan. Is it hard for you to gain access to them to do your shoots?
    And again you found the ‘haunting aspect’ of another building. Great work!

    • I spent a lot of time, but actually I have been doing this since 2009, so that’s why I have so many now 🙂 It depends, it’s very easy most of the time to get in but for example this one was a bit tricky, you need to jump a little fence and be careful that none of the neighbors sees you!

  • Arifin Andry Novian

    Nice pic jordy! Did you required a permission to took those pictures in okayama especially?


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