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Yamaguchi New Zealand Park

The New Zealand Farm is a place that is only suitable for a perfect weather, with a nice breeze and a relaxed heart. It is one of the very few haikyo where you do not feel like you are trespassing at all; no worries for guards or police chasing after you, plenty of open space and fresh air, nothing really dangerous or disturbing, and the only sounds you hear are frogs croaking and birds singing. Just as what you would have imagined about New Zealand.

Walking across the huge abandoned parking lot, the entrance is pretty much blocked completely by the Canterbury gift shop. Finding a way to go beyond it took us a little while.

The company that owned this big New Zealand Farm is simply called Farm (ファーム). The founder is a son of a Farmer who started by using his father’s Farmland to open the first Farm Park. The concept running Farm Parks has a really deep meaning behind it; solving the waste of farmland caused by the decrease in Japanese population, especially in the countryside. It also creates employment opportunities and even chances for people to sell farm products inside and around the park. Unfortunately, three out of four New Zealand Villages are out of business already.

The weather was not so stable during the day, but as it was approaching dusk, the skies did gain some amazing pink colors. Still smelling the freshness after the rain, we started to walk a bit faster to capture the fascinating change of light. It was like we were already in heaven. Light wind carried the summer heat away and hidden birds sang melodies that we have never heard of before.

The park was closed in 2005.


  • 1990 – 2005