Yamanakako Sanyo Securities Training Center

The Yamanakako Sanyo Securities Training Center (三洋証券山中湖研修センター) features 3 buildings: a dormitory (with an attached bath-house), a training / conference building, and a security vault. There were also tennis courts, and of course, the nice Yamanakako lake further down.

Sanyo Securities went bankrupt in 1998.

The vault contains 5 logos, but only two have been recognised : Sanyo Securities and Kyuboshi.

A rotting baby boar is the only resident today of this complex.


  • 1975 – 1993

  • Haruharu

    what is that for an animal, on the penultimate picture?

  • worldtraveller

    you went inside with protection? I wanna go too to take pics but do not have a mask. Is it that unsafe to go inside such abandoned buildings? I am over there tomorrow 🙂


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