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Hospital of the Crazies

I gathered with my friends in a relatively new residential area near Tokyo around lunch time. The infiltration of the psychiatric hospital would be done from there. The fence ran along the houses and it seemed that the location was not easy to infiltrate at first but luckily, there was a little breach. We jumped in carefully to avoid being seen by the people living in the area. Inside, there was another metallic fence with another breach.

This was my first time to visit a psychiatric hospital and it ended up being a truly great visit. After a few steps inside, I felt in love with the spookiness of this place. This haikyo had a unique atmosphere, totally different from the old wooden clinics I am used to. It almost felt like it had been a contribution from the western urban exploration set of ruins.

The basement was undoubtedly the most interesting part of the mental asylum. It was a long corridor studded with barred windows on both sides like a prison. The cells were very small, with only Turkish toilets and sometimes a complementing wheelchair in the corner. There were also stains looking like blood on most walls. My friend whispered to me that this hospital was known for its patients committing suicide by throwing themselves against the walls. I found it hard to believe but it did not look like a joke.

The eeriest fact about the abandoned asylum is that it is extremely sensitive to the wind. There were slamming doors, dancing blinds and cracking ceilings. We felt like in the belly of a beast in agony, full of ghosts and monsters. My two friends and I were not able to separate during the whole experience.


– The prison part
– Amazing ambiance
– The wheelchairs to play with
– The constant noise


  • 194x-2001