Mutsuura Ammo Factory

I was about to abort the exploration when I discovered  the gloomy entrance of the Mutsuura Ammo Factory for the first time. Located on a hill, the narrow entrance cuts in between the soft rocks, plunges right into the darkness. The smell coming out of the bunker is odd and I am not sure if it is from natural decay or some strange chemical reaction, even a result of both. What finally encouraged me to go in is a hosepipe hanging down the entrance, as if aimed to help the visitors.

The bunker is made of a network of muddy tunnels. They were used by the Japanese Army during World War II as an underground factory with machinery; they were making ammunition or something closely related. But why is it built underground? Was it some kind of mine as well? And what is that white ‘moss’ everywhere on the rocks?

The scariest thing inside was the abundance of Mukade, a horrible Japanese centipede. Except those, I eventually found the trip quite enjoyable. And even though the place was a call to my light-painting skills, I tried to keep a few natural shots in order to show you the interesting colours of the underground.


– The natural colours.
– Going down… and coming back up!
– The mukade, if you like them roasted.


  • 1942-1945

  • Gail

    Awesome photos! ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Philip9

    Hi, Jordy. I really like ur urban exploration!!! Could u give me more detail for where the facory located? link/coordinate? =)

  • Daniel

    Do you know whereabouts this is there? I’m visiting that area, and to find this place.

  • Garry

    Beautiful pictures! I would to visiT this place! Were is this exactly located??

    • proper lad

      in my bumhole


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