Hospital of the Crazies

I gathered with my friends in a relatively new residential area near Tokyo around lunch time. The infiltration of the psychiatric hospital would be done from there. The fence ran along the houses and it seemed that the location was not easy to infiltrate at first but luckily, there was a little breach. We jumped in carefully to avoid being seen by the people living in the area. Inside, there was another metallic fence with another breach.

This was my first time to visit a psychiatric hospital and it ended up being a truly great visit. After a few steps inside, I felt in love with the spookiness of this place. This haikyo had a unique atmosphere, totally different from the old wooden clinics I am used to. It almost felt like it had been a contribution from the western urban exploration set of ruins.

The basement was undoubtedly the most interesting part of the mental asylum. It was a long corridor studded with barred windows on both sides like a prison. The cells were very small, with only Turkish toilets and sometimes a complementing wheelchair in the corner. There were also stains looking like blood on most walls. My friend whispered to me that this hospital was known for its patients committing suicide by throwing themselves against the walls. I found it hard to believe but it did not look like a joke.

The eeriest fact about the abandoned asylum is that it is extremely sensitive to the wind. There were slamming doors, dancing blinds and cracking ceilings. We felt like in the belly of a beast in agony, full of ghosts and monsters. My two friends and I were not able to separate during the whole experience.


– The prison part
– Amazing ambiance
– The wheelchairs to play with
– The constant noise


  • 194x-2001

  • noel

    some pics in HDR should give more details I think ,thanks for sharing your visit 🙂

    • Thanks Noel 🙂 Are you Noel, the haikyo-woman!? 😉
      I don’t do HDR anymore, I prefer to keep the photos more natural, that is why.

  • Soma

    This looks amazing. Do you mind sharing the coordinates, Jordy?

    • Thanks! But I cannot share any information, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to explore as much… sorry 🙁

  • Shout to the top

    Cool photos, is that Near Tokyo?

  • Juan Flores

    So what is the name of this hospital in Japanese? I don’t think it literally translates to hospital of the crazies right? I would like to hit this place up soon. Great pics!

  • Fred. et Val.

    Atmosphère chargée d’histoires triste. Superbes les photos. J’aime tout particulièrement celle avec les murs couleur rouge qui illustre et immortalise parfaitement ce qui c’est passé la.

  • PosterToaster

    “The Hospital Of The Crazies” is a pretty insensitive thing to nickname a psychiatric hospital, even one long closed.

    • That’s right and I don’t want to offense anyone with the title. Just wanted to have something memorable based on the fact that it looks like a prison and really creepy. Maybe like a movie title. It doesn’t give that kind of feeling?

      • PosterToaster

        I can be less polite if you like. It’s offensive, I’m offended and you’re being disrespectful of the site and of everyone who was ever housed there. To dismiss them as “crazies” and then go on to talk about people who might have died there is awful.

        • You take this way too seriously. The “crazies” name has nothing to do with the people who actually were there – it’s more about its new invisible inhabitants, might they be zombies, lost souls or ghosts. Take it easy and you will enjoy everything better, here especially.

  • Kelvin Thomas

    The crazies or not it reminds me of a setting for a horror movie.

    I’ll take it from the prison like design and lock down it was from a time in medicine that the practices of psychiatric care were still barbaric. Probably one of the reasons it was shut down.

    But as always you captured the feeling of the place Jordy. For such a small country it has a lot of abandoned areas.

    • Actually I am not sure what this place was really, but walking around it certainly looks like a hospital, actually even a normal one. But when visiting downstairs, you find all this barred windows. Maybe the place used to be a prison before the hospital? That’s also possible. But I think I prefer its new imagined identity 🙂

  • SpinFrostX12 .

    Oh My God! Dunno why but i always got creeped out by an asylum…

  • Yokai

    It took a bit of sleuthing but I finally found where this is. Pretty high traffic area from the looks of it but I am expecting a great trip. Thanks for the post!

  • Wesley Morrone

    Was here just the other day. Workers were building houses right next to the fence, so we had to wait until they were on break to get in!

  • Hildegrim

    Could you inform me of where this place is? I would really like to see it.

  • Just a headsup for wouldbe explorers, as of this month, the whole thing has been demolished. But it was a pleasant 100km bike ride from Tokyo.


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