Nakagusuku Hotel

Built to accommodate people for the World Fair Expo ’75 and to provide a nice view and easy access to the Nakagusuku Castle Ruins, its construction was actually delayed then stopped.

It is hard to say that this is a beautiful ruin but it is indeed an interesting one : it is a snake of concrete mixed with the foliage all around. Quite easy to get lost in that maze! But if you reach the top, you will discover the skeleton of a weird car.

This place is supposed to be haunted with its former workers but they were really hard to find.


– it’s big
– it’s 100% concrete
– the weird car at the top

  • sam

    is that like a shrine in that hole in the ground? I bet this place was lovely back in the day

    • It is a shrine. Probably dug by the workers? Or maybe an old shrine owned by the inhabitants of the area. Not sure but it is a quite remote.

    • akagai

      It is probably a grave. During WWII tens of thousands of people died on Okinawa. To this day remains are still being discovered. With whole families wiped out, there was often no one to take care of the remains. many remains were placed in grottos/caves etc as a make shift tomb/grave. Additionally, many people hid in caves etc. and died there during the war.

  • Kat

    You have officially inspired me to take my butt to japan

  • wutevr

    Can you translate that tombstone? I want an idea of how old it might be.

    Great pictures, I really enjoyed myself here!

    • Hello @disqus_B2zN8w9o2p:disqus :p Do you have any idea of what is written on the tombstone?

      • mary dora

        Here are the characters in question (from right to left, top to bottom according to traditional Japanese reading): 天帶子ぬ結び 繁多眞繁座那志 中酉ぬ産女母神

        It seems to indicate a female goddess (Kami), although I do not know which exact Kami it represents. The last three characters “女母神” can be translated literally as “female mother goddess(Kami)”. Some online searching seems to indicate its relation to the texts (possibly the Kojiki and the Nihon Shoki) about various Kami on the creation of the universe, although I am not really sure if that is the case.


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