Tenjinyama Castle

Tenjinyama Castle (天神山城) is a lonely Japanese style castle abandoned on a forbidden hill in Saitama. The structure is very fragile inside.


  • 1540 – 197x
  • Nippon No Haikyo #70

  • Robb

     Hello. I’d have a few quick questions for you about these locations. If you get a moment, please shoot me an email. Thanks for your help! Robb


    • Go ahead, ask here 🙂 

      • Robb

        Your speed is amazing! Great site btw, the nature of the questions would make it easier  over email. Nothing weird….Promise! =)

  • victor wjugow

    Went here today. Thanks for posting, and specially for giving exact location in the map, otherwise it would have been impossible to find.

    • Thanks for you e-mail by the way, sorry I didn’t reply yet, I am not sure what to say (since I don’t explore much anymore, but still many things to post). I am glad to hear this place still exist. How did you like it? Do you have any photos to share? You can post them in comments 🙂

      • victor wjugow

        Hey, no prob. Yes I have. Tried posting them but it said they were too heavy, it’s on my to-do list!

        It was pretty cool! All smashed out though :/ I found a bridge and a used-to-be-a-bathroom before the ‘castle’ too.
        So, pretty nice first experience with Haikyo, recommended for starters 😛

        • Resize them and post them ^^ Yeah, it was in a really bad state when I went also, and that was quite a long time ago. I think the place was used for survival games too.

    • cuVic


      • Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂 Actually it didn’t change a lot… it was broken like that when I went (almost 5 years ago) and there was already this temple model in the middle of it. I feel like this haikyo is not visited much.

        • cuVic

          ahh no problem dude 🙂 thanks for posting it! Nice to hear it hasn’t changed that much!


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