Hotel Royal

The Hotel Royal is a huge 7 floors love hotel located in Kanagawa, not far from Tokyo. This ruin has been obviously there for a while, but at our surprise, the alarm was still actually working ! It rang, and later the police came. It finally was handled easily, but I understood that, in my next expeditions, I should be more careful…

If you want to see the inside, please have a look at John Grist and Tokyo Times websites.

  • Wow, who would have thought they put alarms on a well covered location like that? I guess it became too popular over the years… and to expensive to tear down. Thanks for the warning!

    • Apparently, the alarm has been here for a while… after this post I received two emails of people who’ve been there as well, and got caught by the alarm 😉

  • Dan Robertsson

    Wow.. crazy that there was an alarm.
    Did you stay until the police came? What did you say to them to resolve the situation?

    • We pretended my friend and I that we were foreigners just going around the lake but got interested by this funny looking “building”. I made one of the guys laugh a lot with my bad Japanese and I think that helped a lot 😉

  • Anaíres Matos

    Hello! What is the architectural style of this hotel? How many rooms do you have? and if you have more images to display within the hotel? If you have thanks. kissus

  • Michel May

    Dear Jordy, thank you so much for ll the inspiration. There seems to be an alarm now. Hoever, we were lucky and did not get caught. Made a few pictures and a video. What an amazing view there

  • Michel May

    Dear Jordy – thank you so much for all the inspiration. I hear that the alarm is again in place. Seems we were lucky. The view was incredible. Made a video:


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