Fuurin Motel

Fuurin Motel is a majestic love hotel, found in a little town in Chiba. It only counts less than 10 bedrooms, or shall we say “suites”, in total; all the rooms are real spacious thus to include their own dining-rooms as well as bathrooms.

Some of them even have outdoor Onsen instead of normal bathtubs. On top of that, each room has a distinctive theme like: medieval age, traditional Japanese, hunting, etc.


  • ? – 2000

  • ikumi

    It was an interesting urbex !
    I think that the explanation article on your Japan is very interesting 🙂

    • Thanks Ikumi, I really liked that haikyo, really scary 🙂 Let’s go to Gunma soon, when I’ll be back (and when you’re back as well, hahah).

  • Anonymous

    Great photo of the knight room- like your use of selective color, great focus. 

    • The room wasn’t that pretty (+ too dark), and that was the only way to add the real feelings I experienced back. By far the best love hotel I’ve ever visited, you should visit it someday!

  • Leina

    J’adore les photos des chambres avec les lits capitonnés. C’est kitsch à souhait, mais j’ai un goût vif pour les meubles de style ancien…
    Les prises de vue sont vraiment bien pensées, on est à fond dans l’ambiance…


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