Yui Grand Love Hotel

Yui Grand Love Hotel – ホテル活魚 – is a love hotel with a real striking story behind.

A few years ago, a gang of 3 criminals kidnapped a schoolgirl, kept her in one of the rooms (the hotel was abandoned already at that time), abused her and eventually killed her. Could this be why some blood hands prints were found on the wall… ?

  • Fred. et Val.

    Très belles photos. Avec un mauvais jeux de mot: l’ histoire est à glacer le sang.

  • The blood hands look like a joke from someone, perhaps to freak out other explorers.

    • Interestingly that also became the highlight of the place… That’s kind of sad actually 🙁

      • SpinFrostX12 .

        Is that a real blood or just a paint? It creeped me out.

  • Yapitori

    These are wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing, it really got me interested in the place.

    I’m planning to visit this at the end of the month. I read that there’s a fence surrounding it. How did you get past it? Did you climb over? Is it the type where you can get a foothold or would one need to bring a rope or a ladder?

    • You really think so? Mmm… 🙂 About the fence, I don’t remember it to be honest, and I really doubt there is one. If there is, or if there is something to keep people off, I am pretty sure it is really easy to go around it without having to climb it. For sure you don’t need anything special 🙂

      • Yeah, actually your webpage in general is the one that really made me feel that I should start doing it rather than just reading about it. So, thank you 🙂 I wish I could get your book, but alas, I can’t read French 🙁

        • The book on the left side of this website is… in English 🙂 You are thinking of my previous book which was in French but I have just published a brand new one a few days ago 🙂


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