Alpine School

The Alpine School is just another abandoned school in Japan. I have seen better ones but the view from outside it is very impressive : it seems like the school is alone in the middle of the mountains.


– Surrounded by rice fields

  • épavart

    Pas de vandalisme, juste le temps qui s’arrete, simple, j’aime !

    • L’intérieur n’est pas spécialement “sexy” pour moi mais les environs et la vue de l’école de l’extérieur est vraiment charmante. J’espère en visiter d’autres !

  • 李传祥


  • Morten Wernersen

    Don’t know if it’s already been said, but this school features in a Japanese film called Nagai Sanpo(長い散歩) where the characters in the film take refuge for the night, link for the film on YT

    • Are you sure that is the same one? Because there are thousands of abandoned schools in Japan…

      • Morten Wernersen

        if it issent then I don’t know what, the little chimney at end the roof, the mountains in the back ground, and the trees on the left look exactly the same as in your picture at the top of your article, if you pause the video at 1:39:35 and at 1:39:44 in the video when the camera is shooting down the hallway you can just see the old sewing machine in the dark on the left of the door, and the wall on the left of the hallway is the same as in one of your other fotos with the chalkbord(?) hanging over the doorway when the little girl runs in and out of the classrooms, I’ve only seen the film once, but for some reason I instantly remembered that scene from out side the School, with the mountains in the background, just thought I would share 🙂

        • It is definitely exactly the same one, even though the scenes and the contrast with my first photo is amazing: they had an apocalyptic weather and I had a perfect blue sky. That’s really cool but I am really amazed you connected those two! Thanks, that is really really cool 🙂


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