Fairy Wheel Park

The Fairy Wheel Park is rather small and surrounded by almost nothing. Fortunately, for the sake of the park, the ferris-wheel itself is really outstanding.

The maintenance costs might have been too high since it is covered by the snow during almost half of the year. One can wonder why an attraction park was build here at the first place but it is definitely a beautiful place to visit with a blue sky and the untouched cotton snow.


– the huge ferris-wheel
– … and the now 😉

  • Kelvin Thomas

    Reminds me of Silent Hill in daylight. But it looks very inviting.

  • Marjolaine Vaucher

    Whaaa… J’aime énormément les couleurs, les perspectivesd, les ruptures lignes/courbes, la nature teintes froides, les vestiges teintes chaudes. Je suis FAAAAN de cette série là 🙂

    • En fait ce n’est même pas vraiment un haikyo, juste un parc fermé pendant l’hiver, mais je trouve que ça collait trop à l’ambiance du site… il me fallait le rajouter ! Et m’arrêter au spot en question, hahaha, quand je l’ai vu de l’autoroute je me suis dis : ohla, celui-là, c’est arrêt obligatoire ! C’était vraiment fun.

  • Maxim Vagov

    I’ve been looking everywhere for this place. I don’t think it’s in Chubu. Anyway you can help me out finding this place on google maps?


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