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The Clinic of Dr. Osaka

The Osaka Clinic was built in 1921. Even for us Haikyo lovers it is not common to see hospitals from that era. Back then there were no hospitals in that area, thus Osaka Clinic was warmly welcomed when it first opened. It is even listed as one of the heritages for the modernization of Tokushima Prefecture.

The building itself combined western and Japanese architecture styles nicely, and the woodwork done by someone who has the eyes for the details; every single corner of the little building is not to be overlooked. The owner Dr. Osaka however, is no less impressive than this building itself; being a devout Christian at that time, he devoted himself in helping the local people and treated them with great affections. In return, he was respected as a saint by the local villagers.

The building is kept in very good status nowadays and has deteriorated to a nice and clean haikyo, without many people trying to destroy it to get inside. Let us pray it stay this way.


– The impressive wooden structure
– Seeking for help from the locals when lost one’s way


  • 1921 – ?