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Healthy Crab Center

Healthy Crab Center was abandoned not so long ago. If you look for information about it, you will end up finding more contents from when it is in used than abandoned. It must have been a popular place for the locals before, with the nice onsen baths (indoor and outdoor), karaoke, and hair dresser’s room. As a recently abandoned place, it is definitely a gloomy and filthy one; being a place with lot of moisture, it stinks of mold, plus it being heavily covered with dust and spider webs, you would not want to stay too long. But luckily it is not a heavily visited one, no graffiti or litters were found.  We visited this place at night, under the bright stars, and had some unexpected interesting shots taken.


– The karaoke room.
– Spider webs on most objects.


  • ? – 2002