Enchanted Power Plant

I dreamed of going to this location for such a long time ! It seemed to have everything I love: remoteness, nature, a mysterious, unique and ancient vibe. But I didn’t knew where it was, only that it was really far away. It took me three years but finally, I went.

There used to be a lot of those little hydro power plants like this in the area. Nowadays, nobody knows about them anymore. We asked around but most locals didn’t knew about those little power plants, they just knew they used to be around. They said they did play around them in the water when they were young. One of them remembered exactly where one of them was and we followed his indications. Far in the middle of the forest, we ended-up with nothing. Clearly, there used to be something, but it was not there anymore. Only a pretty scenery. But I couldn’t believe that none of them were left.

Then, we kind of drove back and I suddenly had this weird feeling. I stopped the car and run towards the river side. Looking through the trees, I spotted the red roof of a tiny building. My god, this is it! It is still there! So hidden yet so alive and well!

Mimi-chan and I were very excited. It became our favorite haikyo of the year instantly. She was reluctant to get down to the river but knew I had to. I went down, felt a bit, removed my shoes, walked into the river for a while, went in the back of the little building and checked all the surrounding. I wanted to enjoy the maximum of what this place has to offer. It was a little paradise, cut from the world, living its own enchanting life by itself.

I tried to get the closest possible to the river but at some point it would have required me to get completely topless and I didn’t do that. I wasn’t alone, you know 😉 But now I really want to go back to this place, with a big family and let the kids play in the water. Maybe with floating rubber ducks. A lunch and a swim would be lovely here, surrounded by all the magnificent colours of koyo and the ray of lights trembling through the leaves. I will make this happen.

  • Andrew M

    Congratulations on the find. The photos are spectacular, reminds me of something out of a fairytale. Hopefully this will not be your only encounter with this or any other mini-hydro plants.

    • I hope so too. Unfortunately, I am afraid they are really really rare… But I guess that makes them also precious and even more magical.

  • Gwen Edgett

    What a fairy tail like place. The waterfall couldn’t have been more perfect. LOL a bent (?) road sign showing a curve. Are bent post common there? I hope you find many more of these treasures.

    • Good question! I don’t remember seeing those signs so much 🙂 I wonder why it is bent, to show that there is a curve or for a less obvious but more logical reason?

  • Kelvin Thomas

    Congratulations again Jordy. Yet again you find another mystical place in Japan. Good work as always!

    • I am always glad to see your comments, thank you Kelvin! Looking forward to the next location 🙂 Today was a good day, shooting a model and also a movie in a few abandoned schools. A different vibe you I am pretty sure you will enjoy.

  • Arnold

    Hello! May I ask, where is this location? I have been in Japan for a long time now, but I have not had the chance to explore such beautiful, hidden places. This is something I really want to try! Thanks for sharing these beautiful locations! I hope to hear back from you!

  • lock

    Have you been to the one in Nara? I saw it when I was exploring what looked like maybe an abandoned stable (although I really couldn’t tell what it was) but my friend was more eager to move on to dreamland instead of battling through the bush and trees to get to it.

    Either way, this place looks absolutely amazing. I hope to track down some more places like this next time I return to Japan.

    • Abandoned power plant in Nara? Something that looks similar to this? Really? 🙂 I actually live in Nara and I have no idea if there is an abandoned power plant here but I would definitely go right away if I knew where it was 🙂


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