Kappa Onsen Hotel

Kappa Onsen Hotel (かっぱ風呂 ホテル) is the most infamously huge haikyo hotel I’ve ever seen. The rooms are rather in a very bad state, and it’s clearly a perfect spot for those fake Japanese TV shows about ghosts.


  • 1942 – 1999

  • Dkjm74

    Wow – that is an amazing Haikyo TigrouMeow, looks huge!
    Thanks for the link to my Kappa artice.
    You even have a photo of a couple of Kappa (6th picture down).

    • You’re welcome 🙂 Yeah, that’s amazing, I took a shot of a Kappa and I didn’t know it. I could have been attacked and killed, who knows? Let’s go for a trip one day, I’m looking forward to it!

  • matteo

    The PC still works? WOW 🙂

    • Actually, I have NO IDEA why there are things written on that screen! Hahaha, I didn’t notice, as it was in the total darkness! But I doubt there is electricity anymore in that building, so I guess those characters got printed on the screen itself for some reason…

      • Kinoko

        This is an effect of cathode ray tube displays when they display same picture for long time – their luminophore layer gets burned by the rays at particular places and therefore picture gets there dark and you can see it on the layer when the power is off.

  • sam

    this is amazing! how did you keep yourself from exploring the whole thing?

    • Honestly, this place is way too erie! You can’t possibly stay for too long or you will go mad. I loved and hated it at the same time!

  • McQueen

    Strangely enough Google Maps knows how to find this place, planning on going there this weekend for a photo shoot, anything I should be aware of?

    • Haha really? It has been abandoned for a while though. Did you get there? The ambiance is pretty awful. Sorry not to have replied earlier, I don’t think there is any danger in that place though. Maybe just asbestos and dust, but nothing major.

  • Marion Varenne

    Les deux dernières photos me font penser au Voyage de Chihiro…

    • Ah oui ? Pourtant c’est bien glauque comme il faut. En plus à l’époque je faisais du HDR sur mes photos et ça rajoute de l’horreur en supplément 😉 Rhaaa, je ne suis pas fier de ce travail du tout du tout.

  • Fred. et Val.

    Les 2 derniers photos foutent les jetons oui! Parfait décor pour 1 film d’horreur! Ca me fait penser aux vielles bâtisses (ou châteaux) perdu dans l’Angleterre profonde avec 1 fantôme à chaque fenêtre. Belles photos.

  • Why did it close down? It is actually a building with so much potential

    • I am not sure, it’s completely run-down. Also, since the building is huge, it requires a lot of heating and maintenance.


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