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Neko-Sensei School

The school gave us a really sweet and warm feeling at our arrival. The visit was quiet and unsurprising and I decided to take a few portraits to pass time while enjoying the last few rays of light. Then before leaving the school, I went in each and every room to make sure I didn’t miss anything. That is when it happened. It was very dark at that time, when I entered the old classroom. However, I could see something eerie slightly glowing in the darkness. When I got closer to it, then it appeared clear to me: a gloomy and irritated-looking alien loomed out! And said: “You never know, lightning could strike”. It didn’t make any sense to me so I took a photo of that grinning annoying thing and ran away as quick as I could.


– Neko-Sensei
– Autumn leaves
– Friends playing around


The Teachers