Wakamatsu Mine

The biggest chrome mine in Asia, the Wakamatsu Mine (若松鉱山) lays on the side of some mountain in Okayama Prefecture. Its existence is very well-known and hasn’t been forgotten. The location and history of the mine definitely deserve a museum and some restoration.  Unfortunately, the structure has obviously not been designed to last: in the few years after it was closed, the decay has been spectacular.


– Nice hike
– Leaking water
– All the tools


  • 1899 – 1995

  • épavart

    Ce que j’apprécie, c’est qu’il n’y a pas de vandalisme gratuit comme chez nous, tout reste dans l’état, un peu fouillé forcément, mais la dégradation est naturelle, le temps c’est vraiment arreté !

  • Looks like one of Kobayashi’s old haunts…

  • Kelvin Thomas

    Jordy this looks like one of the more unstable environments that you’ve captured. Do you ever go on these forays and then get a twinge of fear that the ground could collapse from beneath your feet?

    It could be the light or the look of all the rust but this particular site has an appeal of menace. Most of your photo shoots give a feel of being forlorn or haunted. This one feels different.


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