Red Factory

The Red Factory (弁柄工場の廃墟) is not a spectacular haikyo and it’s rather small but astonishingly red. We could even say that it’s the only point of interest of this place. The red comes from the ochre which covers pretty much the whole area.


– It’s red.

  • Lourens van der Merwe

    Hi Jordy. Awesome site you have here.
    My wife and I are currently living in Okayama and love urban exploration. Especially abandoned places. Would you please be so kind as to help us out with the locations of some of the places here in okayama?

    • Hey Lourens. I can’t help since it takes time and too much responsibility so I prefer to simply say “no”. I always receive many emails, more or less straightforward but my replies are always the same and have nothing to do with the sender. You can find a lot of resource online though and that place is really easy to find 🙂

  • épavart

    On ce demande comment tu a pu trouver ces endroits si reculés ?

    Et comment l’ocre a pu rougir meme à l’intérieur, étonnant !


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