Pine Fruits Clinic

The Pine Fruits Clinic (K医院) is not very famous as a haikyo and is also really lonely, far from everything. It seems to have been abandoned around 2000, but the doctor was probably not working until then; all the medicine and documents seem to be much older.

I have to say, I really loved the outside much more than the inside : it seems to have been a nice and pleasant garden with trees, flowers, and… pine fruits!


– Pine fruits
– Surrounding area


  • ? – 2000

  • Kyohe

    Very cool filter effects on the outdoor shots. I think you mean “pine cones” though.

    • Those are actually “natural” infrared, without post-processing (except for the contrast and luminosity maybe). Pines cones? Maybe, I actually have no idea. Pine fruits seem right as well though… is it really not?


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