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Satsuka School

The Satsuka School (天方小学校嵯塚分校) is fantastic. But to get there was rather difficult; we had to drive through a long and dangerous road in the mountain, park the car in the middle of nowhere, then hike to the top of the mountain on foot. I can’t imagine how kids used to go to school everyday like this, there must have been another path. Or maybe there was a tiny village near the school and all those kids were coming from the village?

The school doesn’t look very abandoned; it feels that all its activities could be resumed very easily. Everything is still there, and it would require only one day or two to clean and set-up everything to get the school back into business. And that would be lovely to see 🙂 In the playground there is even a temple and a sakura tree. We couldn’t have asked for more.


– Nice playground
– Many things left inside
– Excellent atmosphere


  • ? – 1977